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    Pine Valley Partners

    Traditional retail distribution channels have been shifting from buying products and services in stores and catalogs to buying online.


    But shoppers have always bought with their hearts and justified with their heads.


    Shoppers don't shop just to get stuff - anymore than they go to a good restaurant just for the nourishment. Experience and engagement are important


    Direct to consumer channels that provide customer engagement are thriving by offering shopping experiences and real, human relationsuips that people love. That's where we fit in.


    For over 25 years I've been working with, and improving, a toolbox of proven, profitable, online and offline, business development strategies.


    My associates are making money.

    Get Clients Now!

    You can't just wait for the phone to start ringing. You have to tell people what you do.


    But how?


    As a licensed Get Clients Now! facilitator, I offer training workshops around geting more clients.


    My workshops are attended by services professionals, llike accountants and attorneys, coaches and consultants, financial services, health care practitioners, recruiters, speakers, trainers and more,

  • What People Say

    Donald Burns

    EXECUTIVE PR-All Social Media# BIO+ RESUME WRITER Brand Taglines Websites Video R-U IGNORED? Make the phone ring!

    "Chris is an amazing marketer - he sees opportunities and finds ingenious ways to promote products.


    We collaborated on a webinar, which turned out great and simultaneously addresses two audiences - mind and his - what a great idea! That was my first webinar, and he made it easy to do. He walked me through the steps and I'm ready to do another. BTW he flies an ultralight airplane - how amazing is that?"

    Julia (Julie) Erickson, MBA

    Executive Coach Career Coach Leadership Development Coach Entrepreneur Coach Marketer Non-Profit Expert

    "Chris was great to work with on my webinar. He invited me to be part of a series he is sponsoring and made it very easy to participate. I liked his low-key approach and desire to create a win-win experience for everyone - me, job seekers, and himself. Clear instructions, personable introduction, terrific editing, professional graphics on my slides - Chris did all that and more. I'd love to work with him again.

    Charles Kozierok

    Quality Assurance, Documentation and Training Specialist at Intrepid Control Systems

    "I've known Chris for many years. He's the consummate entrepreneur, always with a keen idea and the willingness and experience to turn it into a success. I've been impressed with his innovative work to help local businesses in our area get recognized and improve their market position. I highly recommend Chris as an excellent person to work with.


    Let's grab a virtual cup.

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